The Art of Night – The Photography of Mark Gee

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The moon rises over the ocean to the east at Cape Reinga at the top of the North Island of New Zealand.<br />
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Cape Reinga is the north western most tip of the Aupouri Peninsula. The remote coastline is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches including 90 mile beach and the giant Te Paki sand dunes. The lighthouse was built in 1941 and was the last manned lighthouse to be built in New Zealand. Today it is visited by thousands of tourists every year.<br />
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The official name of the cape is Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua with the 'Te Rerenga Wairua' component of the name in Māori language means the leaping-off place of spirits. The 'Reinga' part of the name is the Māori language word meaning the underworld. Both refer to the Māori belief that the cape is the point where the spirits of the dead enter the underworld.