The Art of Night – The Photography of Mark Gee

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One of the unexpected highlights of my trip to Mara Bushtops in Africa was the people and the culture. I hadn’t really thought about it much before I got there, as all I had on my mind was epic night skies and amazing wildlife. But as soon as I touched down in the Mara, I was greeted by the Masai (Maasai) people, and then interacted with them every day during my time there. I was assigned a Masai Warrior for my security and as a spotter, and he even helped me with all my camera equipment that I would bring along for the game drives and photo missions.<br />
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I also got to visit a traditional Masai Enkang and was invited into one of the huts within the Enkang. I was offered cows milk and blood to drink, which I politely declined, but it was incredible to see how the Masai live even today without all of the mod-cons the western world take for granted - in fact the Masai gauge their wealth by the amount of cattle they have, and I was told that if you were to offer them either a Ferrari car or cattle, they would definitely take the cattle. <br />
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In this photo, one of the Masai pose outside a traditional hut under the night sky with the Milky Way over head complete with shooting star! The huts are traditionally constructed by the women and are made with timber poles interwoven with a lattice of smaller branches, and then plastered with a mixture of sticks, grass, cow dung and ash which bakes hard in the hot sun.