The Art of Night – The Photography of Mark Gee

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Last night was an amazing night of astrophotography which was great, because Rob Dickinson and I were holding out Dark Skies of Wonder astrophotography workshop at Castlepoint in New Zealand. <br />
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Weather had threatened the workshop all week, but it cleared up perfectly for the night. It didn't come without hitches though - the wind was gale force and we were all drenched by a couple of freak downpours of rain. But after a short wait sheltering in the cars, we emerged to a sky full of stars with the Milky Way setting over Castle Rock. The added bonus was we there was Aurora activity towards the end of the night, and we scored the faint red glow of the Aurora to the south.<br />
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This was my last shot of the night as we all headed back to the car. The red light on the beach is from the headlamp of the last workshop attendee who decided to stay behind a little longer. I'm sure they got some stunning shots in doing so!