The Art of Night – The Photography of Mark Gee

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Africa has very little light pollution, and because of this, the night sky is insanely beautiful. But photographing here at night isn’t straight forward, as standing out in the middle of the bush in the dark by yourself with a camera isn’t really advisable…thankfully for me, I have a 4WD vehicle and a couple of Masai Warriors escorting me. These guys are armed and know the bush and the behaviour of the animals better than anyone, so I do feel quite safe out there at night. In the afternoons we usually get a storm, but then it clears up perfectly in the evening and the sky comes alive with millions of shining stars, so we head out into the darkness amongst the wild animals to see what we can find to photograph.<br />
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This image is from my first night out photographing. We found this beautiful tree not far from the Mara Bushtops Camp, and when I first took a shot of it against the night sky, the silhouette looks very much like a mouse, so we called it Milky Mouse!