The Art of Night – The Photography of Mark Gee

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Simba Rock is one of my favourite locations in the Serengeti, and it’s located within a 15 minutes off road drive from Serengeti Bushtops in Tanzania, Africa. Simba means Lion in Swahili, and that’s exactly what we had to check for before anyone climbed the rock, as lions were known to congregate on the rock. We had special permission to venture out at night and down to Simba Rock to shoot a time-lapse of the Moon and Milky Way setting, so just after 10pm, we set off from Bushtops with our driver, spotter, and an armed ranger to go set up the time-lapse.<br />
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The conditions were almost perfect, although there were fires burning in the Serengeti and quite a lot of smoke haze around. But as it turns out, the moon lit up the smokey atmosphere with golden light creating a surreal scene in front of us as the Milky Way followed the setting Moon down to the horizon. This image is a frame from the time-lapse.